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TELLUS organisme de formation et de conception de systèmes en permaculture

Training and design of permaculture systems

You have arrived so far because you are curious. And today curiosity is no longer a bad thing. You are slowly opening your pretty eyes to the problems of our current modes of production and consumption. You understand that at this pace you risk going straight into the wall if you don't react quickly. The road is still long and full of pitfalls, but the first step remains essential.

And then you hear about permaculture, agroecology, living soil. A click occurs and piques your curiosity. If we went further? You inquire. We talk to you about resilience ecosystems. It's fantastic ! So there would be a solution.
Today, you have the power to change things thanks to this new philosophy. Every drop of water in the ocean appears important. I invite you to join us and to discover our permaculture trainings and designs in France or online.

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Permaculture encompasses the principles and ethics for designing, developing, planning, organizing effective human systems and ethical (productive, fair, aggradating soils, sustainable and regenerative because they produce more than they consume)."

Eric Escoffier

“Although the problems on a global level are becoming increasingly complex, the solutions remain

ridiculously simple." - Bill Mollison

For Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, since the 1970s, permaculture is above all a philosophy and a method developed in response to these observations:

  • Existing agricultural practices are dependent on non-renewable energies, destroyers of biodiversity, pollutants, ecocides;

  • The food crops in certain regions enslave the populations and leave deserts where there were forests.

With the scarcity of energy sources cheap prices and the growing pollution of the environment (air, water, land, habitats), these concerns are glaringly topical.

The methodology and the permaculture philosophy are inspired by natural systems and proven techniques for thousands of years until today, by different human civilizations.

This regenerative approach could well represent solutions relevant to the challenges before us.



The various theoretical and practical training courses can be consulted at the training page.

These courses are given at different places, depending on availability and seasons and are free of charge.

The dates and places scheduled for the next season are updated regularly and are to be discovered
Registration Form.

Registrations are mandatory !

If you want learning by doing, we can also accompany you or design a personalized system respecting the ethics and principles of permaculture.
Whether you are at the stage of the desire, the idea or the project, we will provide you with specific advice and plans to put into practice the values that are dear to you.


Discover our offers of accompaniment for private or collective gardens, in school, in company, agricultural project, etc. on the services page.

Article formation permaculture Baptiste Pasteur
Article Le Progrès Lyon sur la formation Permaculture de Baptiste Pasteur à la ferme de la Croix-rousse Lyon
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