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Top notch training! I was more interested in the garden side of the perma but baptiste gives us an overall view of the thing and it's really super interesting. It also gives many links, names, sources... everyone is free to push in the desired areas. In any case, I can't wait to be able to take part in a small themed day in Lyon or elsewhere to exchange again and's exciting! go there with your eyes closed!

I recommend without hesitation the introductory training in permaculture, I learned a lot there, Baptiste shares his knowledge passionately and aroused my curiosity on all aspects of permaculture, do not hesitate 1 sec

Cam Punto - 10/31/20

Pierrick Reaper - 12/13/20

I highly recommend the training of Baptiste Pasteur. Very good balance between theory, examples and practice. Cheer

Marisa Pedrosa - 09/15/20

A high quality introduction to permaculture! both in theory and in practice. The content delivered is very rich and addresses a beautiful global vision of permaculture in just 2 days, taking the time to give pride of place to the exchange in the group, top! I highly recommend ! thanks again

Emilie Berthon - 07/09/20

Great training with Baptiste, a good initiation that makes you want to go further! thank you again and long live the perma.

Spoph This - 10/28/19

Thank you Baptiste, for this quick but well detailed training. Without any knowledge of permaculture, or even gardening or agriculture, I was able to learn a lot about the philosophy of this concept. Very clear and precise explanations, concrete cases. You took the time to let us discuss certain topics, which gave a little spice to this weekend. I can't wait to put it into practice, even if it's not quite right away.

Aurore Labed - 08/10/19

It was a very nice weekend .. a beautiful place, beautiful meetings, full of exciting and passionate exchanges ^^ Affordable whatever your knowledge in the matter and which goes beyond the only aspect of plant culture of permaculture since it also addresses the societal aspects. As far as I'm concerned, it allowed me to reaffirm a lot of things and recall some important points regarding the temporal construction of a project, and to rub a little bit to put these thoughts into practice on a concrete project, In progress. Great presentations, great welcome and great listening. Thanks again Baptist.

Great training well documented and well presented ! :)The knowledge provided makes it possible to understand the mechanisms at play between plants and the soil, and to reflect in an optimal way to adapt his personal project. I come back with new knowledge, ideas for the garden and ideas for reading ! :) and the atmosphere was very friendly! :):) I will be back for another workshop. Thanks Baptist!

Raspberry AR - 08/26/19

Elodie Marze - 08/31/19

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