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Training: Create an area or mound of cultivation in living soil

(suspended until further notice)

Création d'une butte de permaculture en sol vivant à la Ferme de la Croix-Rousse


Where can this training take place?

A quel endroit peut avoir lieu cette formation ?

We can organize thistraining at your home,on your land, or in a place that you deem suitable. It could not be easier !


It is enough just tomeet the following 3 conditions: 

  • Have brought together a sufficient number of interested people to follow this training in the creation of a cultivation area/mound:between 4 and 15 people

  • Possess lematerials needed for the workshop:


  • Gardening equipment : Shovels, pitchforks, secateurs, wheelbarrow ;

  • Organic matter (can be collected on site as part of the training) : grass clippings, dead and fresh leaves, dead and fresh branches, mulch, etc._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_;

  • Water resource : watering cans or hoses.

Potential locations to host the trainings are as follows :

  • Farm of the Croix-Rousse, 51 rue Philippe de Lassalle, 4th arrondissement of Lyon.

    • Go through the gate and go to the end of the footpath. La ferme de la Croix-Rousse is an associative farm for educational activities, recognized as being of general interest, under the status of association law 1901, created on the initiative of the district council Croix-Rousse Ouest_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_;

  • O Golden Gardens, place Lénoard Peyrat in Saint-Didier au Mont D'Or.

    • It is a magnificent 3-hectare garden made available by the College of Fromente. You will discover nearly 1,200 square meters of plots cultivated by its members and adherents. Something to delight your retinas and awaken all your senses.

Practical information on this training 

Information pratiques sur la formation

Thisworkshop for creating a mound or growing area on living soiltakes place on a4 hour half day.

thetraining price is free(recommended 15€ per person). 


Moreover, this isfor alland even children are accepted if they are accompanied. 

It is intended for a group of 4 people minimum to 15 people maximum.

What does the training contain to create a cultivation area / mound in living soil

This workshop aims to enable everyone tostart your own growing areas on living soil, on a case-by-case basis, depending on the current state of the soil and available resources.


With these methods, thefertilityis brought naturally to the ground by theactivity of microorganismsand soil fauna.  Maintenance of growing areas, as well as watering, are reduced to the minimum necessary.

On the program of this training :

  • Explanations onplant needsin general, on thesoil functioningand theinteractions between plants, micro-organisms and faunaof the ground.

    • These keys will allow trainees to manage the fertility of their soil independently and on a case-by-case basis ;

  • Introduction tobio-indicator plantspresent on his parcel before the creation of a zone ;

  • Creation of acultivation area / cultivation moundaccording to the needs on the plot and the availability of resources.

    • A simple cultivation area will be favored on a well-exposed and already naturally fertile plot (wild plot or already previously cultivated).
    • A cultivation mound can be set up to raise a cultivation area and improve exposure, water retention, cultivation surface, etc. or on poor soil that can be improved using the lasagna mound method (depending on the availability of organic matter resources on the plot).

Description de la formation

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