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Training: Creation of a compost bioreactor JOHNSON & SU

(suspended until further notice)

Where can this training take place?

Lieu de la formation

We can organize thistraining at your home,on your land, or in a place that you deem suitable. It could not be easier !


It is enough just tomeet the following 3 conditions: 

  • Have brought together a sufficient number of interested people to follow this training in the creation of a compost bioreactor:between 5 and 10 people

  • Possess lematerials needed for the workshop:


  • By bioreactor :

    • A pallet (recycled materials),

    • 6 x PVC tubes 110 mm in diameter and 1.5 m long,

    • Mulching fabric (recycled materials),

    • Chassis reinforced concrete (recycled materials),

    • Wooden planks for the frame (recycled materials),

    • Wireframe ;

  • DIY tools : drill, hacksaw, wood saw ;

  • Organic matter : 1/3 fresh matter crushed, 1/3 ground dry matter, 1/3 animal manure (to be recovered from farms)_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_;

  • Water resource.

Potential locations to host the trainings are as follows :

  • Farm of the Croix-Rousse, 51 rue Philippe de Lassalle, 4th arrondissement of Lyon.

    • Go through the gate and go to the end of the footpath. The Croix-Rousse farm is an associative farm for educational activities, recognized as being of general interest, under the status of an association under the 1901 law, created on the initiative of the Croix-Rousse Ouest district council_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_;

  • O Golden Gardens, place Lénoard Peyrat in Saint-Didier au Mont D'Or.

    • It is a magnificent 3-hectare garden made available by the College of Fromente. You will discover nearly 1,200 square meters of plots cultivated by its members and adherents. Something to delight your retinas and awaken all your senses.

Practical information on this training 

Informations pratiques

Thisworkshop for creating a compost bioreactor Johnson & Su takes place onof them half days. These can be done the same day or spread over 2 different days. 

thetraining price is free(recommended 35€ per person). 


The workshop is intended for an adult audience who does not need to have any special knowledge in the field of permaculture.

It is intended for a group of 5 people minimum to 10 people maximum. 

What does the workshop for creating a JOHNSON & SU compost bioreactor contain?

Description de l'atelier de création du bioréacteur à compost

This workshop aims to learn how to build a compost bioreactor, according to the Johnson & Su method. The compost is built according to the plans and explanations of Johnson & Su. 

Have living soil, i.e. rich in micro-organisms, fungi and soil fauna (earthworms, arthropods, etc.), is the key to setting up aregenerative cultivation system. Such a system has the ability to be self-sustaining by recycling organic elements, makes it possible to retain water more effectively and is moreresilientin the face of diseases, pest attacks, deficiencies, etc.


A good example of living soil is theforest litter. Naturally, time and the presence of plants in the soil make it possible to obtain suchecosystem. But we can also mimic these cycles of decomposition and obtain arich and living substratethanks tocompost.


It existsdifferent composting methodseach with its advantages and disadvantages. The method implemented in this training has several advantages : the " réacteur " is economical and easy to build, can be reused about ten times, makes it possible to obtain a compost rich in bacteria and fungi in 2 months, does not require turning actions, etc.


On the program of this training :

  • Explanations ofhow living soil worksand its benefits for plant production ;

  • Presentation oftraditional composting methods(cold compost, vermicompost, Berkeley compost, etc.) ;

  • Explanation ofJohnson & Su method and construction of the bioreactor ;

  • If needed :preparation of organic matterto compost (grinding then soaking) ;

  • Reactor filling ;

  • Optionnel : 2 days later, the PVC tubes must be removed and interested people can attend.

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