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Training: How to draw contour lines using a level Egyptian?

(suspended until further notice)

Atelier de traçage de courbes de niveau à l'aide d'un niveau égyptien par Baptiste Pasteur Tellus


Where can this workshop take place?

Lieu de l'atelier

We can organize thistraining at your home,on your land, or in a place that you deem suitable. It could not be easier !


It is enough just tomeet the following 3 conditions: 

  • Have brought together a sufficient number of interested people to follow this training course in drawing contour lines:between 5 and 15 people

  • Possess lematerials needed for the workshop:


  • To build level :

    • Planks of wood (recycled materials),

    • Drill and screws, or hammer and nails,

    • Cord ;

  • Cordeaux ;

  • Stakes (or branches).

Potential locations to host the trainings are as follows :

  • Farm of the Croix-Rousse, 51 rue Philippe de Lassalle, 4th arrondissement of Lyon.

    • Go through the gate and go to the end of the footpath. The Croix-Rousse farm is an associative farm for educational activities, recognized as being of general interest, under the status of an association under the 1901 law, created on the initiative of the Croix-Rousse Ouest district council_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_;

  • O Golden Gardens, place Lénoard Peyrat in Saint-Didier au Mont D'Or.

    • It is a magnificent 3-hectare garden made available by the College of Fromente. You will discover nearly 1,200 square meters of plots cultivated by its members and adherents. Something to delight your retinas and awaken all your senses.

Practical information on this training 

Informations pratiques sur l'atelier

Thislearning workshop to draw level curves using a level Egyptian  takes place on a4 hour half day.

thetraining price is free(recommended 15€ per person). 


This is intended for aadult audience without special knowledge.

It is intended for a group of 5 people minimum to 15 people maximum. 

What does the training contain to learn how to draw contour lines using a level?Egyptian ?

The secret of asustainable and fertile plotis above all a relevant design and layout taking into account the existing environmental conditions.


Before investing in complex irrigation systems or UV lamps, it is necessary toto exploitefficientlyrenewable energiesat our disposal: exposure to the sun, effective capture of rainwater, topography of the site, etc.

According toYeomans key line method, famous Australian agricultural landscape planner, a planting that respects the level curves on its site brings manyecological benefits.


Direct benefits are abetter rainwater infiltrationand increased availability for plants, therefore reduced watering needs; aincreased soil stability, preventing any risk of erosion during storms; aincreased fertilitythanks to the concentration of sediments at the foot of the plants planted on level curves; etc

This training aims to explain theimportance of good designon its site and in particular the importance of contour lines.


It also aims to make it possible to identify these level curves on its site using aancestral low-tech toolwhose effectiveness is proven.

In program :

  • Explanations ofimportance of design : sun exposure, planting on contour lines,Yeomans key lines ;

  • Construction or explanation around the low-tech  tool:the egyptian level ;

  • Implementation of the tool and identification of contour lines (marking with stakes and strings).

Description du contenu de la formation

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