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Training: How to build a keyhole garden?

(suspended until further notice)

Where can this workshop take place?

Lieu de l'atelier

We can organize thistraining at your home,on your land, or in a place that you deem suitable. It could not be easier !


It is enough just tomeet the following 3 conditions: 

  • Have gathered a sufficient number of interested people to take this training in creating a keyhole garden :between 5 and 10 people

  • Possess lematerials needed for the workshop:


  • Acacia stakes;

  • Chicken wire;

  • Cords;

  • Wires ;

  • Support materials (tiles, stones, straw, etc.)

  • Organic materials :

    • Brun : straw, dead leaves, branches, RCW, cardboard, etc.

    • Vert : fresh clippings, fresh leaves, kitchen waste, young branches, BRF, etc.

    • Wooden logs

    • Earth

    • Compost

    • Straw

  • Tools: shovel, pickaxe, mace, circular saw;

  • Water resource.

Potential locations to host the trainings are as follows :

  • Farm of the Croix-Rousse, 51 rue Philippe de Lassalle, 4th arrondissement of Lyon.

    • Go through the gate and go to the end of the footpath. The Croix-Rousse farm is an associative farm for educational activities, recognized as being of general interest, under the status of an association under the 1901 law, created on the initiative of the Croix-Rousse Ouest district council_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_;

  • O Golden Gardens, place Lénoard Peyrat in Saint-Didier au Mont D'Or.

    • It is a magnificent 3-hectare garden made available by the College of Fromente. You will discover nearly 1,200 square meters of plots cultivated by its members and adherents. Something to delight your retinas and awaken all your senses.

Practical information on this training 

Informatons pratiques sur l'atelier

Thisworkshop to learn how to build a keyhole garden  takes place ona full day of 8 hours.

thetraining price is free(recommended 35€ per person). 


This is intended for aadult audience without special knowledge.

It is intended for a group of 5 people minimum to 10 people maximum. 

What is included in the training to learn how to build a keyhole garden? ?

thekeyhole garden, also calledkeyhole garden, is aancestral cultivation systemdedicated to food crops, used around African huts in arid areas.


It allows you to cultivate aintensive vegetable garden, above ground, exposed effectively, on a reduced surface and naturally fertilized, in particular thanks to thepresence of a composterin its center.


The watering is also done in the center of the column so as to diffuse the water and the nutrients towards the periphery of the vegetable garden.


This system can be transposed to our temperate climates and provides the following advantages in specific circumstances :

  • Aesthetic,functional, it allows you to grow all kinds of edible, aromatic, condiment plants, etc. separating the growing area and the composting area ;

  • Easy to maintain,water efficientand stayconstantly fertilethanks to thedecomposition of organic matterat its center ;

  • Frees itself from the ground and recreates asubstrate rich in organic matterfrom waste on a small surface (useful in the specific context ofcrops in the city).


On the workshop program :

  • Explanations ofhow living soil worksand its benefits for plant production ;

  • Presentation oftraditional composting methods(cold compost, vermicompost, Berkeley compost, etc.) ;

  • Explanation ofconstruction of the keyhole gardenand circulation of organic matter ;

  • Explanation ofimportance of design(sun exposure, choice of varieties, position in the field, etc.) ;

  • Construction of the keyhole garden(installation of support materials, central composting chimney, filling of the various organic materials, etc.).

Description du contenu de la formation

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